Nabalis Hydra Japenese Tanto&Bowie 블레이드 오브 버터플라이 나이프 발리송 트레이너

할인 가격$29.99

블레이드 유형: 탄토
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Customer Reviews

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상헌 이 (Dalseong-gun, KR)

If you're thinking of making hydraken, make sure to buy it as Bowie

maxez (Vienna, AT)
Nabalis Hydra

It’s perfect <3

Marvin Jenne (Germersheim, DE)

Love the hydro Tanto!


Absolutely a quality product!

Robert Aganov (Atlanta, US)
Great value and mod ability

The hydra Bowie and tanto blades are really cool because their essentially on what I would call the hydra platform. As the tanto and Bowie false edge blades plus the standard trainer blades fit on the vulp pro similar to machinewises maryn platform. Overall the tanto and Bowie blades really turn the vulp pro into a aluminum channel Cygnus which makes a more dull aesthetically pleasing clack sound and the tanto blade makes the vulp pro more neutral especially when you take out the vulp pros bottom screws and the Bowie blade with the bottom weights in is definitely slightly more handle bias in terms of balance.