Nabalis Hydra 버터플라이 나이프 발리송 트레이너/병따개(미국 시장에만 해당)

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Great balisong tolerances are really great wish I had a canyon blade to compare it too for my Channel


My son loved it is his favorite knife now.

C.H. (Russellville, US)
Excellent product

I purchased the Hydra false-live blade bowie in teal. Customer service was professional, helpful, and polite when I contacted them in confusion over receiving the bottle-opener trainer (the false-live blade ships separately, and I didn't understand that).
I'm new to balisong flipping, but the performance of the bottle-opener trainer was so nice and smooth, and so easy to learn new tricks on (I can actually chaplain with this thing), that I bought another Hydra to put the false live blade on when it comes in, since I can't have the false live blade at my workplace and I can't imagine not being able to flip my Hydra at work.
The balisong is light and responsive, and it really does "hug your finger" during chaplains. The handles have a very nice, grippy texture to them that makes maintaining control on many tricks much easier for a beginner like me. Aerials are also nice and predictable, and thus easy to do consistently.
I highly recommend the bottle-opener Hydra for new flippers, especially if you can get it for the sale price of 80USD. I also really love my Nabalis Vulp, but the extra 20USD really goes a long way here.

Also really cool that it comes with a case for 3 balisongs and extra hardware. I've been looking at cases, but I don't have a large enough collection yet to justify getting one for 40 or 50 USD that holds 8 balis. Really an excellent unboxing experience.
(Ignore the umbreon sticker on the case. I was very excited about the case, because I had no idea it was coming lol)

Robb Heath (Pensacola, US)
Wonderful product

I love my Hydra. It looks and feels amazing to use. I’ve really enjoyed every Nabalis product that I own. I wish you guys had other gear as well. YouTube video placeholder
Keshaun Mcrae (Montrose, US)
I love it

I got the Hydra with the false live blade and I have not put it down since I got it. I would say I'm still a beginner flipper, and this was a good choice for me before I start flipping live blades. Only downside is tuning can be a bit difficult sometimes, but after I got new hardware everything tuned very well!