Canyon - Stainless Steel Trainer with False Edge

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Color: Acid Wash Black
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Loctite and super lube DON'T come with the false edge for the shipping restrictions.

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Customer Reviews

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Deleldur (Sundsvall, SE)
Canyon - Stainless Steel Trainer with False Edge?

Best balisong ive ever had. takes punishment like a tank and never seems to show deminished preformance after countless flipping and dropping it. solid as a rock and smooth as butter with perfect balance.

Wont break on you

As a begginer i have been dropping this thing left and right, dropping it on wood, rock, concreteand throwing it across the room doing chaplins, it still flips like brand new. Great product.

GM (Cardiff, GB)

A very sturdy butterfly like knife

Ms Tamsin Ashton (Coventry, GB)
I love this

I have been really enjoying this balisong. It is hardy and I'm not afraid of scratching it. It carries momentum well and is nice to perform Chaplins and rollovers with. The side channels provide excellent grip while being comfortable in the hand. It is even better when I consider the price. Great value.

Your Mother (Washington, US)
Solid Knife, Good Customer Service

First Balisong. Outstanding customer service.