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Where is the coolest balisong?

In Nabalis’ shop, you can buy the coolest balisong. There are various balisong trainer for you to choose from in our store. Peruse through a selection of cool balisong knives at Nabalis—a variety t...

BalisongFake butterfly knife-blog-picture of balisong trainer-theme

Fake Butterfly Knife For Practice, Safe And Legal

Fake butterfly knife makes it easy to learn balisong tricks If you want to be, or have been a member of balisong community, you must know how charming butterfly knives are. Of course, it is very co...

BalisongCool butterfly knife balisong cover

Top 8 Cool butterfly knives in 2023, unlock the cool world.

If you‘re a cool flipper, you must have a cool balisong butterfly knife. If not, these cool butterfly knives are worth a shot, let’s dive into the cool balisong world.

Top 8 best butterfly knife trainers in 2023

Top 8 Best Balisong Trainers In 2023, Worthing Buying

Training Butterflly Knife VS. Butterfly Knife, Which Is The Best Why do you need a training balisong butterfly knife? As we all know, a butterfly knife with a live blade can potentially cut your f...

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8 Popular Butterfly Knife Brands,You Need To Know.

A Look Into Balisong Brands As an enthusiast and owner of butterfly knives, how many do you know about the brands that produce butterfly knives? On current market, there are numerous brands produci...

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Top 8 Cheap Butterfly Knife Trainers Worth Buying In 2023

A recommendation of cheap butterfly knives, and this blog is just a referance only.Please criticize and correct the inadequacies