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A great butterfly knife (balisong) trainer can revolutionize your daily flipping experience. If your balisong training butterfly knife is comfortable to grip and easy-control, you can learn butterfly knife tricks faster and with more control (and therefore more easily).

Vulp has been one of our most popular trainers, over the years appealing to a wide range of flippers for its comfortable handle and durable, agile blade. Newbie and veteran in the balisong community both touted the Vulp for its exceptional balance, unique design and wise price.

Nabalis Vulp Pro balisong butterfly knife training-Gold

After putting in over 9 months of research, design, processing, promotion—and . Breaching out of the land comes an evolved form of our Vulp butterfly knife (balisong) trainer, the Vulp Pro!

We are proud to display Vulp Pro training butterfly knife for all of flippers who have patiently waited. Definitely, Vulp Pro, following its forerunner, won't let you down.

So far, the Vulp Pro balisong butterfly knife trainer has sparked huge interest within the community for its distinctive design and unique flipping profile.

What are the the differences between the original Vulp and the Vulp Pro

Our training butterfly knife---Vulp Pro provides an upgraded platform compared to its sibling line, the Vulp balisong butterfly knife trainer.

The Vulp Pro practice butterfly knife balisong comes with more premium features,as follows:


  Vulp Vulp Pro
Nabalis Vulp balisong training butterfly knife-Red
Nabalis Vulp Pro balisong training butterfly knife-Red
Weight 3.97 Ounces/112.5 g 3.92 Ounces/111.1 g
Handle Material 6061 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum & G10
Handle Finish Anodized Bead Blasting Anodized Polished Satin
Blade Material 420C Heat Treated Stainless Steel 440C Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Balance Profile 35.6 mm from pivot center/Light handle bias 36 mm from pivot center/Moderate handle bias
Package Standard box Plastic case
Bushings' OD 7 mm 6.35 mm
Tolerance small handle tolerance much tighter tolerances & minial paly /tap.


Vulp Pro butterfly knife balisong trainer features

The Vulp Pro balisong trainer is made for beginners to learn more fast butterfly knife tricks, especially the Chaplin requiring a wide circle, also it's good for doing Choker Fan, Regular Fan, Double Scissors and aerial and the like.

We (Nabalis, Will Hirsch and Brandon Baker) took as much feedback as we could from the community and from what flippers told us about the Vulp Pro. We earned a lot of actual balisong design (blade, handle design and balance design...)

Nabalis  balisong butterfly knife trainer-orange-open position

The butterfly knife trainer---Vulp Pro, its weight distribution of the blade is well adjusted.

More tip weight of the blade, less end weight and new hardware at the end of the handles are employed for better momentum, giving you a much better performance overall when it comes to the swing and the movement of the Vulp Pro butterfly knife trainer.

3 inserted pieces of G10 CNC machined form fiberglass is employed to provide substantially improved grip and modularity, and it efficiently achieves rollovers and ricochets when you doing exact butterfly knife tricks.

Moreover, the jimpings at the end of the handles, shallow speed channels on the side and sturdy patterns also offer a decent grip to well control the movement, which is friendly to wet hands.

Nabalis  balisong butterfly knife trainer-orange-closed position

Anodized aluminium handles is a corrosion resistant and lightweight metal that naturally generates a protective coating. 7075 AL channel handles and hardened 440C stainless steel blade of Vulp Pro training butterfly knife are more durable and wearable than original Vulp balisong butterfly knife trainer.

The balance has been completely reworked, and the Vulp Pro practice butterfly knife is great in basically every trick. Every Vulp Pro balisong trainer is well-tuned for minimal handle play (tolerance) and tap, giving a fantastic swing, suit and smooth flipping experience.

Vulp Pro trainer butterfly knife also utilizes our precision machined bushing system for perfect swing and slight handle tolerances.

We're using a nice polished satin finish rather than the bead blasting to make a gorgeous and non-skid Vulp Pro training balisong.

Comparing to original Vulp balisong butterfly knife rainer, more smooth lines, smaller logos are used on the Vulp Pros' blade for aesthetic looks.

Our Vulp Pro is wallet-friendly with decent machining and equipment, it's only $139.99 and live in our store.



Dose the blade of Hydra fit on Vulp Pro?

The blade of Hydra could be compatible with Vulp Pro, and you need to the Bowie or Tanto blade.

When do the black and gold... restock?

The extra time is hard to say, and there will be several black/gold/red balisongs... in stock once in a while, which is determined by our warehouse keeper. The large quantity of gold and black Vulp Pro would restock after we record the marketing, then decide the color and quantity of next production. Therefore, please stay tuned for the updating of the quantity in stock, buying your favorite balisong.

Do you have black G10 inlays in stock?

There is no separate G10 inlays in stock at present, because we cannot guarantee a perfect assembling and inserting of G10.

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