The WING From Our Sensational New Balisong

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Nabalis Wing, to the people who love life and chase freedom.

The long awaited Nabalis Wing balisong butterfly knife (trainer) is here and available to the public.

For those not quite up-to-date with Nabalis butterfly knife flipping world, the Wing balisong is supposed to be one of the most balanced, high performance butterfly knives out there.

I have a bit of a soft spot for this butterfly knife and I will tell you why!

Why the balisong is called " Wing"


Nabalis Wing Balisong butterfly knife (trainer)-blue

When talking about the design process of the knife, Our designer said, "My goal was to make a balisong knife that would look good, feel perfect, and flip effortlessly."

The designer was inspired by the wings whose smooth lines and purely elegant feathers are the major element.

The design inspiration of the balisong is the wing, it was created in the most difficult times, and Wing symbolizes freedom and braveness, it is what Nabalis wants to express.

The new butterfly knife features

While we're on the subject of weight and balance, it's no secret that flippers will stay far away from butterfly knife balisongs that are too heavy.

Typically heavier butterfly knives have pretty awful balance and can be difficult to flip, earning them little praise from the flipping community.

For our Wing butterfly knife, we employ 7075 AL handles with channel construction that are lighter than steel and more cost-effective than titanium,

The Wing balisong is made of 7075 aluminum, a much stronger alloy than 6061. 7075 offers a higher strength material for a cost that is still cheaper than titanium.

Also, we achieve colors through aluminum anodization that you can't with titanium.

Therefore, we make gradient handles with Violet, Obsidian, Champagne gold, Ice blue, hot pink. These multiple colors are just like your colorful life.

Next, crowned spines, certainly here to stay. It's almost become something that flippers take for granted!

Flipping a butterfly knife with a crowned spine can be fairly comfortable, especially its edge is smoother.

Nabalis Wing Balisong butterfly knife (trainer)-Pink

I have to say, we got a lot of feedback that the opener will pinch flippers a lot, and a balisong with a bottle opener can't handle some special butterfly knife tricks, such as the Chaplin and Behind 8 ball.

We employ unique “teeth” as a bite handle marker instead of the bottle opener at the ends of the blade opposite the blade tip, so flippers could master more butterfly knife tricks.

Jimpings and channel speed are found on our Wing balisong's handles and are used for extra grip while performing butterfly knife tricks. Moreover, bumpy textures on the handles also would give flippers get more grip.

Zen pins aren't new, which can provide a "bouncier" feel on the Wing butterfly knives. We make use of zen pins as components in the Wing's modular weight system to adjust a good balance.

Surely, the bushing pivot system used in Wing butterfly knife also allows it to have extremely tight tolerances while still being able to open smoothly.

The handle play, tap and blade rub will be effectively removed by the high precision bushing systems. It will offer a predictable flipping motion.

The latchless design utilized by our Wing removes additional weight at the end of the handle, making flipping more even. So, flippers can flip this latchless butterfly knife easily.

Multiple balisongs version for beginners and veterans

All flippers in the balisong community know "live blade" and "trainer" have a different weight and balance.

We produce two versions, "false live blade(could be sharpened)" and "trainer", so beginners could learn tricks on a trainer and then transition to a live blade.

The trainer and false live edge versions are to get as close as possible to the flipping experience of the live blade version but without the risk of injury.

The wing-shaped cutouts on the blade reduce the weight of trainer, so it is lighter than the false live blade.

Nabalis Wing Balisong butterfly knife (trainer)-grey

In addition, the mirror polished blade makes Wing balisong more shiny and smoother, which gives the the butterfly knife be much cleaner aesthetic.

Trainer version is also cheaper and lighter than live blade, has fewer legal restrictions, and is often more appealing for beginners first getting into the hobby.

Our new balisong Wing that is hitting the market is made for their flippability, and therefore will almost always favor features that improve flipping experience.

Get this Wing of a flipper butterfly knife at on the 15th. Jan.!

What new features do you want to see in newer balisongs? Do you think we missed one? Let us know in Nabalis Community on Facebook!

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