Vulp Pro Trainer G10 & 7075 AL Handle - Nabalis x Will Hirsch

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Color: Purple & Black
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About Vulp Pro

Let's see how Will, Brandon, and more flippers tested about Vulp Pro:

Customer Reviews

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Smooth everything is well placed out moves flawlessly and on top of that you get a case! 🥹

TLK (Iasi, RO)
Better than expected

Needed a trainer butterfly after cutting my fingers to hell and back when I decided that I do not care that much about my well being and bought a live blade one (from another vendor).

It came fast, packaging is suprisingly premium and so is the butterfly. Feels nice, the sound is eargasmic and it flips very well.

Unironically - I'll keep this site in mind and will continue to purchase some more knives from these guys.

Good job guys!

Paweł Pepłoński (Warsaw, PL)

good knife

Ian Deitrich (Reading, US)
Great product

I love how tough everything is I dropped it on concrete a couple of times and there was no marks at all it feels great to flip and it a regular gift I send my friends if the want to get in the hobby.

Janis Zaldin (Newmarket, CA)
Just a fantastic trainer

This knife is such a pleasure to flip! Mine did require a bit of tuning out of the box, but once those adjustments were made, it has become my EDC of choice.