Top 8 Cheap Butterfly Knife Trainers Worth Buying In 2023

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Training Butterfly Knife Profile

Butterfly knife trainer is a practice tool, evolving from a real butterfly knife. Its look and feel are same as real knife but has a blunt blade. It's designed for safe and risk-free training, allowing enthusiasts to learn and perfect flipping tricks without the danger of injury.

Budget-Friendly Butterfly Training Knife: Are Cheap Trainers Worth It?

When it comes to cheapies, do you associate them with low-end or inferior quality? If you do, then you are absolutely wrong. For instance, many the best cheap butterfly trainer knives offer top quality and provide a suit and silky flipping experience for players.

If you buy a butterfly knife trainer cheap, it not only can give you a familiar feel to premium trainer balisong, but also save for your wallet. Absolutely, best budget trainer butterfly knife is affordable and cost-effective for those enthusiasts who have no big budget.

The Essential Criteria for Picking Cheap Butterfly Knife Trainers

Finish and processing of butterfly knife balisong


Looking for a trainer butterfly knife that fit within your budget while providing reasonable quality and functionality, it is important for every enthusiast of butterfly knife. As an old saying goes, enjoying buying, flipping pleasing. If you could purchase the slightest money to buy the most cost-efficient butterfly practice knife, why not buy it?


A high-quality butterfly trainer knife does help players have a better flipping experience and successfully do more balisong tricks. It is self-evident that quality is a critical standard of choosing a butterfly training knife.

The characteristic of butterfly practice knife with a good quality is light weight and good motion and assembling. Of course, the materials and construction will affect the quality of a butterfly practice knife


As mentioned above, material will have an influence to the quality of a training butterfly knife. Whether the quality is superior or inferior depends on materials used to overall anatomy of the butterfly trainer knife.

For the blade, high-quality materials and craftsmanship contribute to the weight and flipping experience. For the handle, materials would affect the grip and comfort of a balisong trainer. Common materials of blade or handle include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic and G10.

Handle Tolerance

Handle tolerance, it also referred to as handle play, of butterfly knife practice would have an impact on the enthusiasts’ using experience. A minimal handle play doesn’t have any real impact on a balisong’s maneuverability. Some trainers have big play or tap and are noisy during practice. If this is a concern, look for models designed to minimize noise.

Except for these factors can act on picking trainer butterfly knife, such as balance, brand reputation, warranty, customer support and other else. While we will focus on introducing you some cheap butterfly trainer knife with relatively high quality and good flipping experience. Now, let’s move on.

The Top 8 Cheap & Budget-Friendly Butterfly Knife Trainers

In Random Order

Boker Magnum Balisong Butterfly Trainer 2nd Gen (around $26)

Boker Magnum Cheap Balisong Butterfly Trainer 2nd Gen

The updated training tool for passionate enthusiasts and fans of the cheap butterfly trainer knife is designed to enhance your knife skills effectively.

This cheap butterfly training knife features a stainless steel blade that's intentionally unhardened and entirely dull for safety. It's securely connected to both handle segments using durable screws, which can be effortlessly tightened, ensuring longevity even after extended training sessions.

The classic T-bar is also conveniently screw-mounted for added stability. With its perforated stainless steel handle scales, this butterfly trainer knife cheap offers a secure grip during practice.

CONBEE Practice BALISONG Metal Butterfly Trainer Knife (around $26)

CONBEE Practice BALISONG Metal Cheap Butterfly Trainer Knife

The butterfly knife trainer cheap offers an overall length of 9 inches and features a 3.8-inch blade with a blunt tip, ensuring safety during trick practice to prevent finger cuts.

Crafted from 5Cr13MoV stainless steel, the blade exhibits a hardness of 57HRC. The handle is also made from 5Cr13MoV stainless steel and follows a sandwich construction, including a spring latch and pivot pins with copper gaskets.

Weighing just 153g, this butterfly practice knife is brand-new, safe, and of high quality. Ideal for butterfly knife enthusiasts who have a limited budget, and it enables harm-free practice.

Nabalis G10 (around $27)

Nabalis balisong butterfly knife trainer cheap G10

This cheap practicing butterfly knife boasts a top-notch bearing system meticulously fine-tuned for flawless rotation, eliminating tapping and minimizing play during use.

To ensure consistent peak performance, regular upkeep is advised, such as replacing worn washers and adjusting bearings when needed.

This budget-friendly butterfly knife trainer offers exceptional functionality for enthusiasts and is designed to endure extended use.

Squid Industries Squiddy (around $45)

Squid Industries Squiddy cheap balisong

It is a fantastic choice for a cheap butterfly practicing knife. It's designed with high-quality plastic handles, making it lightweight and safe for flipping tricks.

Despite its affordability, it offers smooth flipping action, making it a favorite among beginners and enthusiasts. The Squiddy's simplicity and ease of maintenance make it an ideal option for those starting their journey into butterfly knife manipulation.

Its budget-friendly price tag doesn't compromise on quality, making it one of the top picks for anyone seeking a reliable, cost-effective and cheap butterfly knife for honing their skills.

Knivesmatter CSGO Butterfly Knife Advanced Trainer, 5th Gen (around $34)

Knivesmatter CSGO Butterfly Knife Advanced cheap balisong Trainer, 5th Gen

This budget-friendly custom-made butterfly trainer knife mimics the popular CSGO knife with an eye-catching Asiimov finish.

It showcases enhanced construction with a sophisticated 3D coating. Designed to prioritize safety, the blade remains dull and cannot be sharpened. This collectible, limited edition item comes complete with a TORX T8 screwdriver for easy maintenance.

It focues on offering lifelong support for this product, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable experience for butterfly knife cheap trainer enthusiasts.

Nabalis LightningButterfly Knife Balisong Trainer (around $45)

Nabalis Lightning Cheap Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer

Nabalis introduces its latest butterfly knife trainer featuring an innovative washer system tailored for beginners. Meticulously inspected for quality assurance, each Nabalis trainer undergoes rigorous checks to ensure precise adjustments, offering a smooth swing and minimal tapping.

Machined from premium 6061 aluminum, the handle boasts an engraved "NABALIS" design in the channel construction handle, providing exceptional grip during flipping. For maintenance, we recommend replacing washers and tuning bushings after each use to keep your trainer in top shape.

Explore our range of affordable trainers balisong in Nabalis to discover more options for enthusiasts who enjoy and find cheap butterfly knife trainer.

Bear & Son 117GR Butterfly Knife 4(around $27)

Bear & Son 117GR Cheap Butterfly Knife 4

This butterfly practicing knife is a budget-friendly, sturdy choice for daily use.

Its satin-finished stainless steel clip point blade pairs with epoxy-coated metal handles, sporting stylish cutouts to enhance aesthetics and minimize weight.

It secures with a latch, measuring 9.05" in total length and weighing 5.4 oz.

Kershaw Balanza Butterfly Knife Trainer (around $45)

Kershaw Balanza Butterfly Knife Trainer Cheap

The Balanza offers a user-friendly and cheap butterfly knife training suitable for all ages, ensuring safety with its rounded tip and unsharpened edge.

Machined from stainless steel, its contoured design provides excellent grip during flipping tricks. The inclusion of dual KVT ball-bearing pivots enhances the fluidity of your maneuvers.

This trainer knife features a symmetrical hole pattern on the handle, not only for added grip and weight reduction but also as an attractive aesthetic feature, all complemented by an appealing all-BlackWash finish.

What's even better is that this beginner-friendly trainer comes at a budget-friendly price, making it an ideal entry point into the hobby for cheap butterfly knife trainer enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that prices can vary depending on factors like location, store, availability, and any ongoing promotions or discounts, so the price and reviews above is just for reference.

To find the current price of these cheap butterfly trainer knife or any other product, I recommend visiting online retailers, knife shops, or the manufacturer's website.

Moreover, these cheap balisong trainers recommended above are primarily price-driven options, and there may be clones available. If you have concerns about this. You should think twice before making a buying.

However, it's important to note that Nabalis neither produces nor supports clones. We are committed to creating our own original and cheap butterfly knife trainers, so you can confidently make your purchase.

Stores to purchase Cheap Butterfly Trainers Knife

Stores to purchase Cheap Butterfly Knife Trainers Knife

You can purchase these butterfly knives from various sources, both online and in physical stores. Here are some common places to buy them:

  • Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, Blade HQ, KnifeCenter, Squidindusties and Nabalis often have a wide selection of butterfly knives in different price ranges.
  • Specialty Knife Stores: Some local or online knife stores specialize in selling knives and accessories. These stores may have a good selection of cheap trainer butterfly knives.
  • Auction Websites: Occasionally, you can find butterfly training knives cheap on auction websites like eBay, but be cautious of counterfeit or low-quality products.
  • Manufacturer's Websites: Some knife manufacturers, such as Benchmade, offer their products for sale directly through their official websites.
  • Online Forums and Knife Communities: Participating in knife forums or online communities can lead you to private sales or individuals looking to sell or trade butterfly knives.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through email, online customer service, Instagram, or other social media platforms. They will answer your question to help you get a brilliant and cheap practicing butterfly knife.

Quality and Savings Combined in Cheap Butterfly Knife Trainers

Different strokes for different folks.

However, if you have a tight budget but a deep love for butterfly trainer knives and want to have one of your own, these 8 cheap training butterfly knives will definitely not disappoint you. They are sure to bring you surprises and provide an excellent flipping experience. Buy the one that suits you, buy what you truly desire, and don't make impulsive purchases. Finally, welcome to the wonderful world of butterfly knife trainers, and I wish you a pleasant journey.

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