Canyon - Stainless Steel Trainer

Sale price$39.99
Color: Acid Wash Black
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Customer Reviews

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Frank (Sheffield, GB)
Great customer service

Had a small problem with one handle but I just emailed them and they sent a new one over straight away. Would definitely recommend nabalis to anyone who wants a balisong. The canyon is also amazing for the price.

Aydin Adams (Denver, US)
Very good

Although it took a while to ship (10 days) it is OUTSTANDING for the price. It's an overall great knife and is good for all skill levels.

Niels (Riemst, BE)
Surprisingly amazing

I bought the false blade version and found it to be the best feeling balisong I own currently. This sparked my interest in the trainer version since it is so affordable. I love it because of the momentum it carries. It has a nice weight to it and doesnt have any play, feels sturdy and nice to flip with. Honestly if I could only choose one balisong it would be this one. It just flips so satisfyingly that you don't want to put it down. Very nice sound to it as well.

Benjamin Protar (Baden bei Wien, AT)
The Canyon

I was satisfied with the purchase of the canyon stainless steel trainer it was a little heavy for my taste but the way it looked was great it looked so delicate yet robust in one and the flipping is also great i can only reccomend it

J.S. (České Budějovice, CZ)

I was told thats this is the best balisong for begginers and they were right. Thats all I can tell.