6 Basic Butterfly Knife Tricks For Beginner-How To Flip Balisong

6 Basic Butterfly Knife Tricks For Beginner-How To Flip Balisong-blog cover

Do you flip? Do you want to flip the cool butterfly knife and learn some cool or basic butterfly knife tricks?

Mastering Butterfly Knife Tricks: A Beginner's Guide

Pick a suitable butterfly knife to practice balisong tricks

Whether you want to learn advanced or basic butterfly knife tricks, you first need a butterfly knife (trainer is an ideal one). Whether it's expensive, budget-friendly, popular, the best or coolest balisong, you have to buy one.

As a beginner, you should purchase a butterfly knife trainer to avoid cutting, learn some simple and basic balisong tricks, and then gradually progress to more intermediate and advanced butterfly knife tricks.

Once your skills in performing these basic butterfly knife tricks reach a certain level, you can move on to learning more and more terrific versions of tricks with butterfly knives.

Know your butterfly knife for better tricks to learning

After obtaining your balisong butterfly knife trainer, it's essential to familiarize yourself with your precious training balisong to practice butterfly knife tricks.

For a necessary introduction to the trainer/ real butterfly knife itself or something else, you can refer to this blog post titled "About Balisong/Butterfly Knife, A Guide for Beginners."

Well, the following is a simple tutorial with GIF for 6 basic butterfly knife tricks, I hope it will be helpful for your learning in flipping a balisong. Let's start.

At the same time, you can also learn other basic and easy balisong butterfly knife tricks.

Step By Step, Detailed Tips Of 6 Basic Butterfly Knife Tricks.

Basic butterfly knife tricks-Figure 8

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips:

Keep the safe handle close to your palm, with your elbow forming a right angle.

First, start from a closed position, pinch the safe handle between your thumb and index finger, releasing the bottom three fingers to allow the bite handle to swing.

Then, move upward, causing the bite handle to hit the back of your hand.

Next, change the angle (tilt it about forty-five degrees) and perform a downward motion, finally completing the entire "figure 8" movement. This butterfly Knife trick can also be performed in the closed position, with the same hand gesture and motion.

Basic butterfly knife tricks- Washing Machine

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips:

One, two, three, one, two, three, and Fan.

Keep the safe handle close to your palm, release the bite handle and flip it back, rotate the balisong three times, then change to another direction, and rotate the balisong three more times. Flip it back and perform a Fan.

Basic butterfly knife tricks-Handy Switch

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips:

Bite the handle close to your palm. Pinch the bite handle between your index finger and thumb (about one-third of the way along the handle).

Release the safe handle and flip it back to the knuckle of your index finger. Meanwhile, your middle finger, ring finger, and pinky are away from the handle, pointing in another direction.

The movement is just like “orchid fingers”. Then you will find the safe handle is caught in your index finger and middle finger.

Then, release the bite handle with your thumb and flip it back; the blade will catch your middle finger. Finally, draw it back, remembering to move your index finger."

Basic butterfly knife trick, easy to learn-Backhand Twirl

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips:

Rotate, rotate, and rotate again. Keep the safe handle close to your palm, pinch the safe handle with your thumb and index finger, release, and flip to let the index finger and middle finger clamp the safe handle.

Move your thumb to the back of the safe handle, and apply force with your index finger and thumb, adding some inertia to the balisong.

Flip and move your thumb, bringing the handle into your palm, forming a pencil-like grip.

Reverse the above movements and close the balisong.

Basic butterfly knife trick-Quickdraw

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips:

Hold the safe handle with your thumb and index finger (for real butterfly knife), do an upward move with your wrist, remove your thumb, and grasp the bite handle.

Turn and have the bite handle down, upward move to close your butterfly knife trainer. If you could do this move faster and faster, it would look like a rotating windmill, which would make the butterfly knife trick look cooler.

Basic butterfly knife trick-Latch Drop

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips:

This trick is also surprisingly easy and simple. You just need to have a balisong with a latch, then hold the latch instead of the end of the safe handle(bite handle closed to your palm).

Then you need to let the bite handle down, pulling upward to hold the bite handle in an open position.

Turn the handle with a latch and keep it far away from your palm, then the closed move also employs the same tips above.

In conclusion, when you learn more and more tricks, you'll find that the tricks are interconnected. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

So, all you need to do is invest time, practice continuously, and understand the butterfly knife tricks. You'll discover that learning is easy and enjoyable.

To Do Balisong Butterfly Knife Tricks, Continued Practice and Improvement

Action is fruit! The most important thing in practicing butterfly knife tricks is to spend time repeating a single basic motion, gradually increasing speed, it will look really cool~.

Flip and flip, rotate and rotate, again and again. Believe me, accumulation in quantity will certainly lead to a qualitative change. I hope you'll become cool soon, doing more and more cool and advanced butterfly knife tricks.

Honestly, these basic butterfly knife tricks don't require too much time to practice (at least my boss thinks so).

The above content is just some ideas I received during my practice. I hope it's helpful for you. Please forgive any shortcomings and kindly accept my sharing.


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