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Over the past two months, the Create With Nabalis event has been full of amazing ideas and creativity. We really don't want to miss any opportunity to help talented and imaginative designers bring their ideas to life. That's why we expanded the number of prototypes from the initial three to the top five. In the end, the top three winners truly stood out to us, and each of their designs was exceptional, with its own unique features and representation. So, we've made the decision to increase the production quota: ALL THREE  WIINNERS will be put into full production!

This decision will bring some significant challenges in production, uncertainties in sales volume, and a lot of effort on our part. Despite being a small team, we're committed to doing our best to assist every creative individual in bringing their ideas to fruition. As we mentioned from the start, the CWN event is a platform—a platform that aims to help everyone realize their creative ideas. We're determined to protect the hard work and enthusiasm of the creators and ensure that more supporters can get their hands on the balisongs they desire.

We truly appreciate your unwavering support, and will strive to make next year's competition even better! In the coming days, we'll be fully dedicated to the CWN prototypes and production processes, as well as the release of more new product lines this year. We'll keep you updated on the progress!

Once again, a big thank you for your participation and involvement.

Nabalis Team

Big Shoutout to the Champion of CWN 2024!

In response to the exciting influx of innovative designs within the balisong community, we have launched the CWN event.

Our primary goal is to promote creativity in knife design, encourage collaboration and communication among community members, and establish a platform where knife enthusiasts can develop and learn collectively. Furthermore, we aim to inspire and nurture the imaginative spirit of knife enthusiasts by offering them opportunities to showcase their ideas and transform them into reality. Thank you all for following us in this journey!!

Now, let's give a huge congratulation to the champion picked by this awesome balisong community: Bird of Prey by Ros Holmberg! You totally rocked it!🔥🔥

Bird of Prey

Designer: Ros Holmberg


Got 4299 Votes
In the Final Round of Voting!


CWN 2024 Unique Balisong Owners

Congratulations to our runners-up! 🎊✨ Your impressive performance in the competition has truly left a lasting impression on us. Your creativity, skill, and unwavering dedication were evident in each design you submitted.While you may not have secured the first place this time, your contributions were absolutely invaluable to the event.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to keep pursuing your passion for knife design and to take part in next round of Create With Nabalis. Your talent and determination are truly praiseworthy, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing more of your extraordinary work in the times to come! 🤗


Reverie by Neil Martin Cantillana


Overlord by Eripo Wang


Golden Grove by Joseph Kincaid


Calyx by King Singson

Estimated Production Timeline

The top five winners of the CWN competition will each have their own prototype, and I believe everyone remembers that! Here is our production schedule. Please stay tuned for further updates on the design, samples, and production progress through our official Instagram and Facebook Group. Make sure to follow us closely!

Design NameType of ProductionEstimated Production Timeline
Bird of PreyMass Production3-5 months
ReverieMass Production3-5 months
OverlordMass Production3-5 months
Golden GrovePrototype1 month

Please note that the above timeframe is for reference only. The actual duration may vary.


After more than two months of dedication and creativity, we are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our inaugural CWN (Create With Nabalis) event.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants. Your contributions and support have been invaluable, without which this event would not have been possible.

The quality and creativity showcased in your designs have truly impressed us.

As this was our first venture into hosting such an event, we acknowledge that there were areas where we could have improved and oversights we may have made along the way. We are grateful for your patience and understanding throughout the process.

Furthermore, we have been absolutely amazed by the tremendous response and participation in this competition. The number of submissions and the feedback from the community has far surpassed our wildest expectations. And guess what? We have received some truly awe-inspiring designs not only from experienced creators but also from talented young individuals like yourself!

We are in awe of your passion and the effort you have invested in your entries. It is this kind of enthusiasm that motivates us to continue organizing the Create with Nabalis event for years to come!

We want to give a huge shoutout and express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took part and poured their hearts into this contest.

You all are the true MVPs! We promise to continue being a platform that nurtures and encourages creativity, providing whatever resources and opportunities we can to support you. So keep fearlessly creating, and let's inspire even more people to join this incredible balisong community.

We can't wait to see the amazing creations you will come up with next time!

Stay awesome,

The Nabalis Team