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Unveiling the Canyon Balisong!

In the realm of precision-crafted knives, the Canyon balisong stands as a testament to ingenuity and artistry. Designed not just as a tool but as a masterpiece, it bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetic allure. Here's why the Canyon is more than just a toy knife—it's a piece of art, a symbol of sophistication, and a testament to design advancement.

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The WING From Our Sensational New Balisong

Nabalis Wing, to the people who love life and chase freedom.The long awaited Nabalis Wing balisong butterfly knife (trainer) is here and available to the public.For those not quite up-to-date with Nabalis butterfly knife flipping world, the Wing balisong is supposed to be one of the most balanced, high performance butterfly knives out there.

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Vulp Pro_Our Ultimate Balisong Butterfly Knife Tranier

We are proud to display Vulp Pro training butterfly knife for all of flippers who have patiently waited. Definitely, Vulp Pro, following its forerunner, won't let you down.So far, the Vulp Pro balisong butterfly knife trainer has sparked huge interest within the community for its distinctive design and unique flipping profile.

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At Nabalis, we are all about bringing innovative and quality products to the community. Throughout our journey, we've received many fantastic design ideas from the community.
Big thanks to everyone for giving us this golden opportunity and trust, we truly appreciate it! As a forward thinking company, our vision and focus are always beyond mere commerce. We've observed a wealth of valuable design ideas from innovative balisong enthusiasts, unfortunately lacking an adequate platform to showcase that talent and creativity from going unnoticed. Read More>>

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In Nabalis’ shop, you can buy the coolest balisong.
There are various balisong trainer for you to choose from in our store. Peruse through a selection of cool balisong knives at Nabalis—a variety that captures your attention, prompting a double take and eliciting a response like, "That's pretty cool."
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To get into the hobby and enjoy flipping, you first need to own a butterfly knife. Of course, you must also be familiar with local laws and regulations to avoid getting into trouble.
For instance, you need to know where butterfly knives are legal, what specific regulations apply in legal situations, and why they might be illegal in certain places.
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A balisong, also known as a butterfly knife, is a pocket knife characterized by two handles that rotate, allowing the blade to be concealed between them.
Traditionally made in the Philippines, and this guide will outline the fundamental structure of most balisongs, exploring their craftsmanship and materials.
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