Top 8 Cool butterfly knives in 2023, unlock the cool world.

Cool butterfly knife balisong cover

Find your cool butterfly knife, open your eyes.

Imagine wielding a cool balisong that not only exemplifies precision and craftsmanship but also exudes an aura of unparalleled coolness. Totally rad!

Do you own how many butterfly knives are cool? Or do you know what features make a butterfly knife cool?

Well, this blog will take you on a journey of cool butterfly knives, unveiling the coolest butterfly knives that have taken 2023 by storm.

These butterfly knives cool are not just mere tools; cool balisongs represent a symbol of fashion, a unique personality, and a captivating form of art.

Join us as we explore the world of these cool butterfly knives, experiencing the infinite charm of cool balisong knives!

Note: These cool butterfly knives aren’t about prices and brands, they are just about the “coolness” . Of course, cool or not cool depends on your preferance.

Common features of cool butterfly knives.


Design: Cool balisongs often feature handles with intricate designs, patterns, or materials like G-10, carbon fiber, or metal. These designs enhance the aesthetic appeal of the knife.

Material: Cool balisong butterfly knives use a variety of handle materials including titanium, aluminum, or even exotic materials like mother-of-pearl or bone. These materials not only enhance the knife's aesthetics but also provide a comfortable grip.


Design: Cool butterfly knives come in various blade styles such as tanto, spear point, or clip point. The choice of blade style can affect the knife's functionality and appearance.

Material: High-quality blade materials like stainless steel, D2 steel, or even Damascus steel are often used in cool balisongs. These materials ensure durability, sharpness, and resistance to corrosion.

Cool butterfly balisong knife finishing picture

Weight and balance

Butterfly knives cool are balanced in a way that allows for smooth flipping and manipulation. The weight distribution between the blade and handles is carefully designed for optimal performance.

Customization options

Cool balisongs often come with customization options, allowing buyers to choose specific handle colors, blade finishes, and other details to create a personalized knife.

Collector's editions

Some cool butterfly knives models are released as limited or collector's editions, featuring unique engravings, special materials, or collaborations with renowned knife makers, making them highly sought after by collectors.

These features contribute to the popularity of cool balisong butterfly knives among enthusiasts and collectors.

It's important to note that these custom cool butterfly knives are unfriendly to your pocket.

Fine 8 butterfly knives cool, why they are cool.

Nabalis butterfly knife balisong Hydra

Cool butterfly knife balisong Nabalis butterfly knife trainer Hydra

The cool balisong Hydra by Nabalis features mirror-polished and anodized 7075 aluminum handles, providing a natural metal feel, high hardness, and exceptional durability.

A cool pattern resembling a snake meandering between the handles enhances grip during flipping. Its 440C heat-treated stainless steel blade, with a zen pin design, produces a distinct sound.

Incorporating Nabalis' latest design language, the cool balisong Hydra boasts jimping and a crescent-shaped end on the handle. It utilizes a high-quality bushing system for a smooth swing with minimal play.

A notable innovation is the handle's texture, resembling a snake's body, creating captivating patterns when illuminated. These features highlight the Hydra's fusion of cutting-edge technology and advanced design concepts unique to Nabalis.

Kershaw 5150 Lucha butterfly knife balisong

Cool butterfly knife- Kershaw 5150 Lucha butterfly knife balisong

If you're looking for a cool butterfly knife, the Kershaw Lucha is an excellent choice. Machined in the USA, this knife boasts high-quality materials, including a 14C28N stainless steel blade and an all-steel handle.

Kershaw's meticulous design elevates its performance to the next level. Notably, the blade is tapered to enhance smooth pendulum movements, and the dual KVT ball-bearing pivots ensure extra-easy operation.

Designed with input from experienced flippers, the full-sized Lucha is a light and fast cool butterfly knife that excels in jumping, flying, and spinning maneuvers.

The rounded handle bevels contribute to seamless rolling in the hand, and even the latch is thoughtfully designed with rounded edges to prevent catching during flips.

The latch also incorporates a positive stop to ensure it never contacts the blade.

This butterfly knife is exclusively available through authorized Kershaw dealers, and the provided webpage serves for informational purposes only.

Adherence to local, state, and federal regulations regarding the purchase, possession, and transportation of knives is essential.

Nabalis balisong trainer Trident

Cool butterfly knife balisong Nabalis butterfly knife trainer Trident

The Trident balisong trainer boasts a channel construction made from 7075 aluminum handles with jimpings, providing a sturdy foundation. External G10 laminate enhances grip.

Inside the blade machined from 440C with high hardness, a zen pin and tuning fork design create a melodious sound upon handle rebound. Very cool butterfly knife trainer, right?

The all-in-one design incorporates extra pivot screws and bushings inside a handle, ensuring easy maintenance on the go.

Inspired by Greek mythology, the cool butterfly knife trainer Trident features a trident embedded in the blade center, surrounded by a turbulent sea design.

The internal handle is ocean blue, matching the wave lines texture of the G10 laminate, emphasizing the thematic coherence.

Constructed from 7075 aluminum alloy, the handles offer higher hardness and durability compared to 6061 aluminum.

The 440C blade boasts a hardness of around 59HRC, significantly surpassing 420C. The handle's end includes pivot screws and a bushing as a counterweight, enabling precise balance adjustments with a 2mm shift in the center of gravity.

With its elegant design and premium materials, Trident standsout as a precision-machined cool balisong trainer.

B.A. Seigaiha balisong

Cool butterfly knife B.A.  Seigaiha balisong

The Seigaiha, meaning 'Blue sea and waves,' was traditionally used to depict seas and oceans on maps, symbolizing power and resistance in Japanese culture.

This cool butterfly knife was meticulously crafted with flippers in mind, focusing on carefully chosen specifications to deliver an unparalleled flipping experience.

The Seigaiha balisong boasts grade 5 titanium handles for exceptional durability and functionality.

The bead blast finish ensures a perfect grip, whether your hands are dry or sweaty, while maintaining a smooth and shiny surface. The handles feature a beautiful wave pattern laser engraved by a high-end fiber laser for precise accuracy.

The depth of jimping at the ends of the handles is thoughtfully chosen for comfort and grip during maneuvers like ladders and choker fans. Its hardened s35vn stainless steel blade guarantees durability and outstanding performance.

The balisong knife cool is assembled with press-fit hardened zen pins, providing a nice bouncy feel and eliminating the need for extra hardware and delicate screws prone to breakage.

Nabalis Vulp butterfly knife balisong trainer

Cool butterfly knife balisong Nabalis butterfly knife trainer Vulp

Nabalis and Will Hirsch collaborated to create the Vulp, a pretty cool balisong trainer.

Inspired by classic designs, it incorporates distinctive features such as geometric patterns on the handles, influenced by Will's "Fox Logo," ensuring excellent grip during flipping.

The Bowie-style blade, preferred by Will, and strategic jimping on the handles aid in learning balisong tricks like a cool butterfly knife trick- "Ladders."

Purposeful design choices target aspiring hobbyists, with adjusted balance for easier maneuvering and spaced handles to prevent accidental pinching.

The Vulp cool balisong trainer butterfly knife stands out as one of the best entry-level options, catering to beginners and making it accessible for anyone to embrace this exciting hobby.

Benchmade 85 BILLET TI balisong

Cool butterfly knife balisong Benchmade 85 BILLET TI butterfly knife

The Benchmade 85 is a remarkable cool addition to the BALI-SONG series, crafted for top-tier performance.

It features a CPM-S30V stainless steel blade known for excellent wear and corrosion resistance. The single billet titanium handles enhance durability without adding weight, ensuring a lightweight and agile flipping experience.

Equipped with thrust bearing washers, this cool butterfly knife offers a smooth flipping action. The 85 is designed for competition-ready flipping, combining superior materials and craftsmanship.

Its integral handles are precision-milled from titanium billets, emphasizing strength, lightness, and speed. The S30V blade boasts a drop point profile with a gentle recurve, optimizing weight distribution for rapid and controlled flipping.

BRS Hybrid Replicant balisong knife

Cool butterfly knife BRS Hybrid Replicant balisong knife

The Hybrid Replicant from BladeRunners Systems is a top-tier and cool balisong featuring a stonewashed Replicant Standard blade crafted from 154CM stainless steel.

Its fine-tuned washer pivots ensure smooth flipping, complemented by stonewashed titanium handle scales over stonewashed titanium liners.

The handle latch is thoughtfully designed to stay out of the way during flipping sessions.

The cool butterfly knife engineered for exceptional agility and performance, following the legacy of its predecessor, the Alpha Beast.

SOAR Rainstorm balisong butterfly knife

Cool butterfly knife balisong Soar butterfly knife.

SOAR Rainstorm butterfly knife, a brand-new Chinoiserie design style and a cool butterfly knife, is unique in current butterfly knife market.

There are many versions of Rainstorm balisong for you to choose from. The version with good material costs more, and vice versa.

Base version costs about $350-$450, and the cool butterfly knife Rainstorm is an ideal option for balisong collection.

On the basis of Sandwich and Channel, the original and the first "Trisection " comes into existence .

Trisection: ① Counterweight micro-curve splicing instead of straight line. ② The concave of the middle part falsifies the feel like one piece, reducing the phenomenon of "eating finger" in the middle gap. ③Innovation based on sandwiches is functionally about weight loss.

In addition, different versions of the butterfly knife adopt different processing methods and different materials (Handle material: TC4 titanium; Blade material: 14c28n/9cr18).

What's more, high-precision pivot bushing system and zen pins offer a smooth and suit flipping experience.

You could purchase it on Instagram (soar- balisong-official )

Tips for using cool balisong butterfly knives


For the above cool butterfly knives, some are live-bladed, and some are trainers.

If you're a beginner, it's advisable to practice balisong tricks with a trainer butterfly knife.

Conversely, if you're a balisong veteran, you can opt for live-bladed butterfly knives for that extra cool factor. You can also choose to buy a butterfly knife trainer.

Among the 8 cool butterfly knives mentioned above, Nabalis' butterfly knife knife is not only cool but also safe, reducing the risk of cutting your fingers while practicing butterfly knife tricks.


Moreover, if you're purchasing a butterfly knife for collecting purposes, it's advisable to familiarize yourself with various balisong brands, models, and designs.

Stay informed about the latest trends and releases in the balisong collecting community. All is determined by your tastes.

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