Nabalis Vulp Is The Best Choice For Beginners!

Nabalis Vulp Is The Best Choice For Beginners!


If you're a balisong enthusiast or someone looking to dive into the world of flipping butterflyknife, the Nabalis Vulp balisong is your best option. In this review, we'll take a closer look at this balisong knife, evaluating its features, design, and overall performance.

Nabalis Vulp Packaging and Accessories

The Nabalis Vulp comes with nice packaging and complete accessories, including a Torx bit, pivots, washers, bushings, Loctite glue, and even Super Lube. However, some balisong products do not offer Torx bits, Loctite glue, and Super Lube, especially when you need to maintain your butterfly knife. If you are a beginner, you need to purchase these hardware and tools. Especially Super Lube, You have to purchase one large bottle at a time, which adds a lot of costs for a beginner with a limited budget.

But Vulp balisong's well-thought-out package ensures you have everything you need to get started and maintain your balisong.

Vulp Balisong Handle Material and Design

The handles of the Nabalis Vulp are made from high-quality aluminum, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The design inspiration for the pattern of the handle is derived from Will Hirsch's "Fox Logo". The graphic design of the handle is based on the fox's nose, with the square at the bottom of the handle representing the nose and the V-shaped patterns at the top of the handle symbolizing the nose bridge. All these unique designs provide a great grip for the handle. The design incorporates grooves and cutouts that enhance grip and handling. It's worth noting that the aluminum handles offer a surprisingly good grip, which is often lacking in other balisongs with aluminum handles.

Blade Material and Versatility

The Nabalis Vulp features a 420C stainless steel blade with a special and useful bottle opener. The bottle opener adds extra utility to your balisong, making it a versatile tool for various tasks. The blade's Bowie pattern shape is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Why Is Vulp Balisong A Necessary Entry Point For Beginners

As a beginner, what kind of balisong trainer should you choose as the first balis for flipping? You need to consider accessories, quality, price, and design, Vulp Balisong is undoubtedly the best choice. As mentioned above, Nabalis Vulp has great accessories, quality, price, and design. Vulp balisong is only sold for $65 on, and Nabalis Vulp is the most cost-effective among balisong trainers of the same quality. Additionally, Vulp Balisong is equipped with detailed instructions, if you are maintaining or cleaning the Nabalis Vulp, detailed instructions can be timely to help you complete all of this. All in all, this Vulp balisong is an ideal option for beginners or those interested in getting into this hobby.


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