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What’ s your definition of “cool/coolest”? And what is cool/ the coolest balisong?


In the balisong community, there are many different balisong butterfly knives based on lots of ways to sort.

For instance, cheap balisong, best butterfly knife, customed butterfly knife, trainer balisong or real butterfly knife with various designs, appearance and craftsmanship and so on.

Now, I will give our balisong and the “coolest” a new definition from design, manufacturing, look and attitude. Of course, you are right if you have a different opinion.

The coolest balisong is the coolest design concepts and appearances.

First and foremost, Nabalis' butterfly knives embody a fresh design concept and an alluring appearance.

When it comes to design and aesthetics, I think our butterfly knife trainer are deemed the "coolest."

We derive inspiration from every facet of real life, crafting butterfly knives that are uniquely distinct and undoubtedly the coolest.

Drawing from the forms and phenomena of nature, we've created balisongs like Vulp series and Lightning.

Morse and Marble, were inspired by daily life, such as Morse Code and Gun Magazines.

Even more, the Trident and Hydra, drawing inspiration from ancient myths and legends.

It goes without saying that the coolest design ideas give rise to the coolest appearance of Nabalis' balisong butterfly knives.

For example, the coolest balisong Hydra, precision-machined with Mirror Polishing and adorned with full textures resembling a winding snake on the handles, delivering a visual treatment and a gradation of light and shadow.

When it comes to the coolest balisong, I have to introduce the upcoming Wing and Chess balisong.

The Wing, boasting a cool name and design, stands out with various gradient colors, mirror-polished handles, and a Kukri blade, making it the epitome of the coolest balisong.

Additionally, the Chess balisong flaunts an awe-inspiring and stunning colorway. Please stay tuned for the drop of Wing and Chess.

More cool balisong butterfly knives trainer, feel free to please browse our store.

The coolest balisong is the coolest innovation for better butterfly knife.

The butterfly knife with a smooth bushing system, giving you a brilliant and suit flipping experience, is easy to learn cool balisong butterfly knife tricks for beginners.

In order to provide better flipping experience for flippers,we innovated on traditional foundations, introducing the first bushing buddy, a hand-operated bushing mill, in the balisong community to grind more bushings.

The grinder, rubber ball and sandpaper work together to grind smoother and flatter bushings,making the tuning become easier than before, giving beginners or veterans a suit and smooth flipping experience.

In contrast to the traditional method of manually grinding bushings, the High-precision grinder can remove 0.001-0.002mm (0.00004-0.00008 inches) by twisting it just 20 times.

The balisong Bushing Buddy always keeps an even pressure to make a flat bushing, avoiding uneven bushing ground on sandpaper by hand and re-do.

Moreover, the Bushing Buddy is more hygienic and environmentally friendly. During the bushing grinding process, your hands do not directly touch it, preventing the waste from dirtying your hands.

In my perspective, the innovation brought by the Bushing Buddy is immensely significant and essential for producing these "coolest" balisongs.

The process of production makes the coolest balisong.

In addition, in the manufacturing process of balisongs, we utilize various high-quality materials and distinctive finishes/craftsmanship, all carefully considered.

We need to take into account the hardness and corrosion resistance of the materials to ensure the balisong is more wearable, durable, and affordable, even recyclable.

Not to mention, the cost per butterfly knife is a crucial factor in making the coolest factor.

Design process: When a balisong sprouts in the mind of our designer, it is destined to be unique and the coolest.

Firstly, the designer experiences life and collects information related to balisongs, then integrates all of these to determine a design theme.

Based on the theme of the butterfly knife, he/she carefully considers the color matches for each balisong, as well as the materials, structure, blade type, and design details, including patterns on the handles and blade of the balisong.

Furthermore, we also prioritize the practicality of each balisong butterfly knife, ensuring a nice grip, balance, suitable tolerance, and making every effort to create a balisong with virtually no play or tap.

In conclusion, when crafting each training butterfly knife for flippers, Nabalis invests a significant amount of energy and time.

Speaking with facts, Nabalis’ the coolest balisong

Nabalis’ coolest balisongs are shown on various social media. If you search” what is the coolest balisong”, there will be the Nabalis’ balisongs on Google.

You always can find plenty of people flipping our balisongs on Instagram, YouTube and Reddit.

In my opinion, it is pretty cool that our balisong butterfly knife caters to most flippers’ needs.

Likewise, our balisongs are popularly sold worldwide, with thousands of butterfly knives shipped each year and receiving widespread acclaim. This further attests to the fact that our balisong is indeed the coolest.

Last but not least, we provide cool customer service. Wherever you come from and whenever you contact us, we will promptly respond to your inquiries. This is also an important part of the coolest balisong.

Belief: our balisong trainer is the coolest in the near future

Whether you believe it or not, we believe that in the future, Nabalis will introduce even more "coolest" balisongs, whether in terms of design, appearance, materials, craftsmanship, customer service, or other innovative ideas.

We aspire to approach the production of the coolest balisong (trainer)with the coolest attitudes.

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