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Are you a butterfly knife enthusiast? To get into the hobby and enjoy flipping, you first need to own a butterfly knife. Of course, you must also be familiar with local laws and regulations to avoid getting into trouble.

For instance, you need to know where butterfly knives are legal, what specific regulations apply in legal situations, and why they might be illegal in certain places. Once you have a clear understanding, you can confidently purchase, possess, or carry a butterfly knife that suits your preferences.

Something important you need to know, whether the butterfly knife is illegal or not.

Legal or illegal, that is a question. Regarding this issue, you first need to address the three wh-question: where, why, and what. I reckon that once you have a clear understanding of these aspects, you will have a deeper insight into the legality of butterfly knives.

Is a butterfly knife illegal in US States

Where butterfly knives are illegal/legal

The following legal content pertains exclusively to the laws of various states within the United States and does not include regulations in other countries. Of course, balisongs legality varies from place to place.

The majority of American states permit the possession of butterfly knives. Specifically, about 42 states, along with the District of Columbia, have laws that make butterfly knives legal. However, among the remaining eight states, while ownership is allowed, there are stringent restrictions imposed on the use of these knives.

However, butterfly knives are prohibited in certain states, such as Hawaii, California, Delaware, and Massachusetts. In these states, owning or using a butterfly knife is strictly forbidden, and violations can result in significant legal consequences, including severe penalties.

Though some states permit the ownership of butterfly knives, they impose significant limitations on their usage.

Blades of  a illegal butterfly knife balisong


Connecticut: It’s legal to own butterfly knives, but carrying them is illegal.

Alaska**:** Butterfly knives can only be employed for a self-defense tool.

Colorado: With a restriction that butterfly knives with blades over 3.5 inches are illegal.

Rhode Island & Vermont: Carrying a concealed butterfly knife is illegal

New Hampshire: Ownership of a butterfly knife is prohibited for individuals with a felony drug arrest or a felony related to a person or property.

PS: Due to the continuous revision and refinement of laws, legal provisions may change accordingly. Therefore, the information above is provided for reference purposes only, and the specific circumstances should be verified according to the current legal regulations in place.

Why carrying butterfly knives is illegal

In the early days, Filipins frequently employed the balisong as both a self-defense tool and a versatile pocket utility knife because of a certain lethality of balisong, and it has a potential for use as a threatening weapon.

Now, butterfly knives are prohibited in certain states for several reasons. Firstly, they have often been associated with violent crime, with many movies depicting criminals wielding butterfly knives.

Nabalis Marble-legal bautterfly knife trainer

Another rationale for the ban on butterfly knives is their rapid deployment capability. While deploying a butterfly knife swiftly requires extensive practice, it can be accomplished more quickly than opening a standard folding knife.

Consequently, some states and local jurisdictions categorize butterfly knives alongside switchblades, while others classify them as "gravity knives."

The contention arises over whether the rapid deployment of butterfly knives truly makes them more effective weapons for the average criminal. Notably, most fatal knife attacks have involved hunting or combat knives rather than butterfly knives.

All in all, Whether the butterfly knives are legal or illegal, there is no evident border. The law is everything, you observe it and it guarantees your rights. Maybe balisong will be legal in all countries, maybe not.

What butterfly knives are legal/illegal

Method of carrying balisong, blade (sharpness/length), possession restrictions determine legality of butterfly knife. Usually, a balisong with a live blade is easily regarded as an illegal weapon.

To err on the side of caution, contemplate acquiring substitutes such as training or practice butterfly knives. These versions lack sharp blades, yet they enable enthusiasts to execute tricks and maneuvers.

These alternatives offer a lawful and more secure avenue for individuals keen on mastering the art of butterfly knife handling, all while avoiding potential legal issues or harm.

Nabalis Vulp Balisong Trainer

Nabalis Vulp Balisong Trainer legal

This balisong is an ideal choice for hobbyists. It delivers exceptional performance

It's Machined from standard 6061 aluminum. There are two false blade options: one with a bottle opener for added versatility.

False edges are typically not sharpened, reducing the risk of accidental cuts and injuries during handling and practice. Absolutely, Nabalis butterfly trainer knife is legal in most laws.

Glidr Arctic 2 Butterfly Knife Trainer

Glidr Arctic 2 legal  Butterfly Knife Trainer

The Glidr Arctic 2 butterfly knife trainer offers budget-friendly, smooth flipping with its tuned bushing system. Its sandwich handles and unique barrel spacer system ensure durability.

The latest version enhances acoustics, tactile feel, and durability with changes like a refined tang profile, improved zen pin system, and thicker pivot screws.

Crafted with precision, it features 6061 aluminum handles, stainless steel spacers, concealed zen pins, a hardened 440c trainer blade, and chamfered edges. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts seeking cost-effective, high-quality flipping.

Nabalis Hydra Butterfly Training Kinfe

Nabalis Hydra Legal Butterfly Training Kinfe with bottle opener

The Nabalis Hydra is an affordable butterfly practice knife worth trying. Weighing 3.8 ounces (110g), the Nabalis Marble offers a balanced, lightweight feel.

Its channel construction handle ensures stability and precision during flipping. Crafted from durable 7075 Aluminum with an anodized coating and a 440 Heat Treated Stainless Steel blade, it combines quality and style.

The blade is intentionally dull for safety but ideal for practice. The Nabalis Marble includes Zen Pins, high-precision bushings, and a T10 pivot screw for smooth operation and easy maintenance. A great addition to any collection.

The Svix Co. Terra Butterfly Knife Trainer

The Svix Co. Terra Trainer Butterfly Knife legal

The Svix Co. Terra Butterfly Knife Trainer is a minimalist balisong trainer with bushing technology, a crowned hardened blade, and 6061 aluminum handles.

The 4-inch 440C stainless steel blade features a recurve tanto style and a surface grind finish for smooth flipping. The pivot system uses bushings for consistent flipping, and the pressed Zen pin design ensures durability.

Weighing 4.3 ounces, it's beginner-friendly and sets a new standard in balisong trainers, introducing bushing technology.

Legal or illegal? Engaging with Butterfly Knife.

Through rigorous training, individuals can deploy butterfly knives at impressive speeds, making this skill one of their most potentially perilous aspects.

Even if possessing a butterfly knife is within legal bounds, improper use or carrying it in public can lead to legal repercussions. It's imperative to exercise prudence and adhere to all local laws and regulations when handling or carrying butterfly knives.

At the same time, as people's leisure and entertainment preferences have changed, butterfly knives have gained popularity in various regions and media, often portrayed in movies as menacing weapons wielded by martial artists and gang members.

In conclusion, before you get into the hobby, please consult the local laws pertaining to butterfly knives and purchase balisong that is suitable for you.

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TABLE. Detail information about legal/ illegal balisongs
Table: Detail information about legal/ illegal balisongs


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