Fake Butterfly Knife For Practice, Safe And Legal

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Fake butterfly knife makes it easy to learn balisong tricks

If you want to be, or have been a member of balisong community, you must know how charming butterfly knives are.

Of course, it is very cool when you flip a balisong butterfly knife. There are so many butterfly knives and tricks of balisong knife. For opening and closing butterfly knives, there are very rich forms.

If you are a beginner to learn butterfly knife ticks and you buy a real butterfly knife with a sharp blade, you may encounter some difficulties (get your fingers injured) in the process of becoming a butterfly knife veteran.

On the contrary, it will be easier for you to practice butterfly tricks, if you buy a fake butterfly knife, also the butterfly knife trainer with a dull blade that is safe and does not have risks of violating the law.

So buy one fake butterfly knife, and the following fake butterfly knives could help you buy an ideal trainer to learn butterfly knife tricks.

Best-selling fake butterfly knives on the balisong market

Flytanium UFO unidentified flipping object

If you're seeking an excellent entry-level fake butterfly knife to delve into the world of balisongs, look no further. This fake butterfly knife--Flytanium UFO is your guide! Use it for mastering butterfly knife tricks and inventing new ones, thanks to its distinctive center ring.

The fake balisong butterfly knife operates on bushing pivots, ensuring top-notch adjustability for your suit flipping experience. The weighted handles, crafted from glass-reinforced nylon, facilitate smooth flipping, and the textured ends add security to prevent the UFO from slipping out of your grasp.

Enhanced durability is achieved through the black anodized ring and black oxide-coated hardware, providing additional resistance against wear and tear. These features complement the vibrant colored handles for a stylish and functional balisong flipping experience.

Nabalis Marble fake butterfly knife

This fake butterfly knife, also called balisong trainer, weighs between 3.63-4.1 ounces, making it an extremely lightweight butterfly knife. It features channel construction, a high-precision bushing pivot system, and Zen Pins design, providing a smooth and suit flipping experience.

The handle tail block material of this butterfly knife fake is made of G10, known for its insulation, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance properties. The blade is crafted from 420 Heat Treated Stainless Steel, and the handle is made of 6061 Aluminum, enhancing the overall hardness of the knife and preventing deformation.

Inspired by the gun magazine, we design a special balisong trainer, Marble. Its balance is adjustable by adding, removing and matching different material of small balls in magazine at the end of the handles.

Besides, the handle undergoes an anodizing process, increasing its surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance, thereby extending the balisong knife's lifespan.

The BBFireFly Z.X-1 butterfly knife trainer

The BBFireFly Z.X-1 fake butterfly knife mirrors all the features of the BBFireFly V1 but enhances its performance with the addition of robust ZEN PINS.

With its impeccable design, the BBFireFly Z.X-1 boasts tight tolerances, ensuring no handle play, blade tap, or rub straight out of the box. Embraced by flippers and knife enthusiasts globally, it stands as a true masterpiece in the fake balisong world. This fake butterfly knife is completely secure and poses no harm.

Crafted with fully CNC machined components, the BBFireFly Z.X-1 incorporates precision, hardened, and hand-tuned bushings set to very tight tolerances. Its ultra-smooth, quiet performance guarantees a highly satisfying flipping experience.

The channel-style handles are meticulously CNC machined from solid T6061 Aluminum, bead-blasted, anodized, and then machined once more to incorporate features enhancing grip and revealing shiny aluminum accents, resulting in a stunning appearance.

The blade of this fake butterfly knife is entirely CNC machined from 410 Stainless Steel, undergoes heat treatment, precision grounding, and hand polishing for a beautiful finish. The balance and dynamics of this flipper are unparalleled, earning accolades and positive feedback from the balisong knife community.

This fake balisong, also known as butterfly knife trainer, stands out as the top-tier option in terms of quality at its price point in the market. Each of these trainers is crafted with meticulous attention, created individually upon order.

While the components are manufactured using CNC machinery, the fitting, finishing, assembly, and tuning processes are all meticulously carried out by hand.

Nabalis Vulp balisong butterfly knife trainer

Nabalis and Will Hirsch joined forces to design the distinctive Vulp balisong trainer, also known as a fake butterfly knife. Drawing inspiration from classic designs, it incorporates unique elements such as geometric patterns on the handles, influenced by Will's "Fox Logo," ensuring optimal grip during flipping.

The Bowie-style blade, a preference of Will's, along with strategic jimping on the handles, aids in mastering balisong butterfly knife tricks like "Ladders."

Deliberate design choices are tailored for aspiring hobbyists, with adjusted balance for easier maneuvering and spaced handles to prevent accidental pinching.

The Vulp fake butterfly knife with budget-friendly price is an ideal and entry-level trainers for beginners to practice butterfly knife tricks, designed to cater to newcomers and make it accessible for anyone looking to delve into this exhilarating hobby.

Titanium Mod Squiddy-AL butterfly knife trainer

This fake butterfly knife, Ti-Mod Squiddy-AL, takes the Squiddy-AL series to another level with its stunning anodized accents.

With Grade 5 Titanium hardware, this fake balisong preserves the playful and friendly aesthetic of Squidindustries' popular Squiddy line, while incorporating the premium flipping characteristics found in Squidindustries' higher-end balisong butterfly knife trainers.

Moreover, this fake butterfly knife delivers exceptional balance, durability, and user-friendliness. Featuring an adorable face and a lightweight design, the Titanium Mod Squiddy-AL,a fake butterfly knife, has become a staple in every flipper's collection, appealing to both novice and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Nabalis Hydra fake butterfly knife

The Hydra by Nabalis showcases mirror-polished and anodized 7075 aluminum handles, delivering a genuine metal sensation, elevated hardness, and outstanding durability. Besides, the 440C heat-treated stainless steel blade, designed with zen pins, generates a distinctive sound.

An exclusive pattern, resembling a snake winding between the handles, enhances grip during flipping. This snake-shaped texture creates mesmerizing patterns when illuminated, emphasizing the Hydra's fusion of cutting-edge technology and advanced design concepts exclusive to Nabalis.

Integrating Nabalis' latest design aesthetics, the fake butterfly knife Hydra features jimping and a crescent-shaped end on the handle. It also incorporates a high-quality bushing system for a smooth swing with minimal play.

Advantage of fake butterfly knife to practice, compared to real balisong.

Fake butterfly knife, also known as a training knife or a trainer, replicates a balisong or butterfly knife but lacks a cutting edge to eliminate risks and comply with laws in places where butterfly knives are prohibited.

Compared to real balisong, fake butterfly knife has some advantages, as follows.


Fake butterfly knife will reduce the risks of accidents and injuries when you practice the butterfly knife tricks. Your hands and wrists can be well protected from being cut and bleeding. Therefore, fake butterfly knife is ideal for beginners and inexperienced enthusiasts to flip.

Legal considerations

Do you know the legal restrictions on real balisong knives in certain countries or states? In some states, the law prohibits the possession of real balisong knives, carrying them in public places, or having real balisong knives with excessively long blades.

On the contrary, fake butterfly knives allow enthusiasts to practice without legal concerns. You can carry and use them anytime, anywhere, without any legal restrictions.


Fake butterfly knives are usually more affordable than real one. For instance, B.A. Balisong Seigaiha real butterfly knife($875)vs. fake butterfly knife Seigaiha trainer($650), Seigaiha is $225 more expensive than Seigaiha Trainer.

In addition, fake butterfly knife is accessible to a wider range of enthusiasts.

Again, Nabalis balisong knife trainers are cost-effective. Up to now, the average selling price of each fake butterfly knife has not exceeded $200. Compared with those high-end customized real butterfly knives, which cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, our balisong is very friendly to balisong enthusiasts.

Buy the fake but safe butterfly knife, free to flip it

Hope you all can buy the best and high-quality butterfly knife to practice the balisong butterfly knife tricks.

Surely, you, the balisong enthusiasts, need to consider safety and legal aspects while buying butterfly knives and practicing balisong tricks.

As mentioned above, you know the fake butterfly knife is an ideal one for beginners to flip.

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