8 Popular Butterfly Knife Brands,You Need To Know.

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A Look Into Balisong Brands

As an enthusiast and owner of butterfly knives, how many do you know about the brands that produce butterfly knives?

On current market, there are numerous brands producing butterfly knives, each offering various and multiple balisong in styles, colors, prices, and quality.

The butterfly knives made by these brands have different but unique selling points that focus on high-end customization, or emphasize affordability and practicality, and there are some butterfly knife brands that strike a balance between quality and price.

They all share a common dedication to providing butterfly knife enthusiasts with high-quality products at a reasonable price.

However, it's inevitable that there are manufacturers in the market specifically cloning butterfly knives. In my opinion, they can't be considered 'butterfly knife brands.'

Without further ado, let me introduce you to 8 popular butterfly knife brands in the market today.

8 Popular Butterfly Knife Brands, Unveiling The Balisong Market.

Butterfly knife brand- Nabalis

Butterfly balisong knife brand- Nabalis

Create With You

Nabalis was founded in 2019, with its headquarters located in Shenzhen, China. Since its establishment, Nabalis has consistently maintained close ties with the balisong community.

We actively seek advice from community members in the design and manufacturing processes of our butterfly knives. We are customer-oriented and strive to produce higher quality butterfly knives that are beloved by blis enthusiasts, which definitely shows our core philosophy --"Create With You."

In our designs, we not only adhere to the "Create With You" concept by collaborating with the balisong community members. But also draw inspiration from various elements in daily life, such as the animal kingdom's "Vulp" (inspired by Fox), the digital communication field's "Morse," natural phenomena like "Lightning," and mythical elements like "Trident" and "Hydra," and the like. All these are employed in the final butterfly knife.


In the production process, all Nabalis butterfly knives are manufactured locally in China. This ensures control over the materials used, the manufacturing processes, sales platforms, and logistics, achieving true integration and specialization in the production process.


You can purchase our butterfly knives on, Amazon, and Blade HQ. On these official platforms, we provide a stable supply and guarantee our products' quality, price, and reliability. Our payment processes are standardized and transparent, reducing the risk of consumer fraud.


We have established a long-term partnership with the official logistics companies, Cainiao, UPS, DHL etc., ensuring the safety, stability, and timeliness of our shipments, which effectively reduces the risk of lost packages and shortens the delivery time.


While Nabalis remains a very down-to-earth attitude, we are also dedicated to innovation. Our Bushing Buddy breaks the traditional tuning method by making a combination of rubber balls, bushings and sandpaper.

This useful tool makes grind bushings more convenient, efficient, even and precise. Moreover, compared to traditional manual grinding methods, using the Bushing Buddy to sand the bushings is more clean without smudging your hands.

Create with You: Keep growing, changing, and innovating to create better balis.

Balisong knife brand -Squid Industries

Balisong knife brand -Squid Industries

Squid Industries is located in California, USA. The price range of balisong products of this butterfly knife company is about $50 to $475. Tsunami, Madko and Krake Raken trainer V3 are the its best-selling balisong knives.

Squid Industries was established in 2016 with a primary focus on crafting top-notch balisongs, commonly known as butterfly knives, emphasizing the art of flipping.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Squid Industries balisongs and balisong trainers undergo precision production techniques including CNC machining, fiber laser cutting, and double disc grinding.

These industry-leading products are meticulously designed by and for enthusiasts passionate about the art of flipping.

Butterfly brand knife -Benchmade

Butterfly brand knife -Benchmade

Benchmade is located in Oregon, USA. The price range of balisong products of this butterfly knife company is about $250 to $750. Benchmade 87, Morpho 51, Benchmade 62 are the its notable balisong knives.

For more than thirty years, Benchmade has been manufacturing knives in the United States, earning a strong reputation among consumers and enthusiasts alike.

Interestingly, they initially gained recognition as "Bali-Song" by introducing the USA's first-ever production butterfly knife – the Model 68. The name "Butterfly brand" was truly earned. Over the years, Benchmade expanded their offerings to include fixed blades and folders, while always staying connected to their bali-song origins.

They have consistently released a range of high-quality butterfly knives, all supported by their impressive warranty. There's no denying that Benchmade stands as the original and foremost leader in balisong knife production in the USA.

Balisong brand -MachineWise

Balisong brand -MachineWise

MachineWise is situated in Phoenix, Arizona. The price range of balisong products of this butterfly knife company is about $130-$600. Prysma, Prysma Pro, Serif are the its famous balisong knives.

MachineWise is a small business established in 2021 and based in Phoenix, Arizona. Specializing in expertly crafted Balisongs, the company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products with meticulous attention to detail, all at an affordable price point.

At MachineWise, it prioritizes offering an exceptional customer experience. All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA, granting us complete control over the production process.

Its commitment begins with the design of each product, driven by a desire to create top-performing Balisongs. Throughout the manufacturing process, MachineWise continually refines its techniques to achieve machining excellence, and this company’s assembly team ensures that each product performs at its best without compromise.

MachineWise back every product it sells with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the quality and durability of its Balisongs.

Knife brand with butterfly - Hom Design

Knife brand with butterfly - Hom Design

Hom Design is located in New York, USA. The price range of balisong knife of this butterfly knife company is about $300-$600. Basilisk, Rhapsody, Chimera, Specter are the its best-known balisong knives.

Jerry Hom established HOM Designs in 2007, driven by the realization that the balisong community lacked inspired options at the time.

His debut creation, the G10 Basilisk, was a limited mid-tech production balisong featuring G10 handle overlays, and it quickly gained widespread popularity. Today,

HOM Designs is renowned as a high-end knifemaker, producing a range of excellent balisong and trainer models, all meticulously crafted in the USA.

Balisong brand -BBarfly

Balisong brand -BBarfly

BBarfly is located in Toronto, Canada. The price range of balisong knife of this butterfly knife company is about $25-$200. OG/OG2, Pro V3, Firefly are the its best-known balisong butterfly knives.

Since its inception in 2010, BBbarfly has been a prominent manufacturer of balisong bottle openers and trainers in North America.

Although their designs might not appeal to every individual, BBbarfly balisongs are distinguished by their excellent balance and offer immense satisfaction for those seeking a reliable trainer.

These balisongs have become a staple for beginners, providing an essential tool for honing their skills and mastering the art of flipping.

With a commitment to quality and functionality, BBbarfly continues to innovate and cater to the diverse needs of the balisong community.

Their products not only serve as effective trainers but also showcase a blend of practicality and style, making them a popular choice among enthusiasts and novices alike.

BBbarfly's dedication to providing accessible and high-quality balisong trainers has solidified its reputation as a trusted name in the industry, offering a valuable resource for beginners embarking on their flipping journey.

Butterfly brand knife -Bladerunners Systems (BRS)

Butterfly brand knife -Bladerunners Systems (BRS)

Bladerunners Systems (BRS), this balisong brand's headquater is in Maine, USA. The price range of balisong knife of this butterfly knife company is about $200-$500. Alpha Beast, Replicant, Barebones are the its best-known balisong butterfly knives.

In approximately 2010, Bladerunners Systems (BRS), a venture initiated by two passionate balisong enthusiasts, Ed Anthonis and Lawrence Ho, came into being.

Immersed in the competitive 'flipping' community, they recognized the need for superior equipment and took it upon themselves to craft their own.

Their journey commenced with the Alpha Beast, a creation that seamlessly blended the balance, handling, and precision they had longed for as consumers.

Subsequently, they introduced the Replicant, Barebones, and even a series of folding knives, all adhering to the distinctive design philosophy of BRS.

Butterfly knife brand-Bear & Son

Butterfly knife brand-Bear & Son

Alabama, USA is home to Bear & Son, The price range of balisong knife of this butterfly knife company is about $50-$250. Model 113, 114, 115, Bear-Song VIII are the its notable balisong butterfly knives.

For nearly four decades, Bear & Son, led by Ken Griffey and his family, has been dedicated to providing exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and value for their customers.

Based in their Jacksonville, Alabama factory, they meticulously create everything in-house, including a diverse range of products such as fixed blades, folding knives, and notably, butterfly knives (referred to as the Bear-Song).

Additionally, their Bear Ops division offers tactical-style options, ensuring both quality and affordability. If you're a beginner in the world of butterfly knives and value the rich tradition and history of a reputable company, Bear & Son is an excellent and budget-friendly choice.

Apart from these butterfly knife brands mentioned, there are actually many other butterfly knife brands in the market, such as Glidr, JK Design, Flytanium, Ldy, and B.A. Balisong, among others.


All Balisong Brands Are Trying To Make Their Butterfly Knife.

From the above, it can be seen that each butterfly knife brand has its unique brand story and innovative butterfly knife products.

Although these butterfly knife brands are individual entities with different business philosophies, they share a common passion and goal.

They are all committed to producing high-quality, original, and creative butterfly knives that offer great value for money. Together, they are working towards creating a beautiful and harmonious balisong community.

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