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Where To Buy A Balisong: Why It Matters.

Balisongs are widely demonstrated and showcased on the internet, yet buying the specific one you desire seems elusive. What's the catch?

Many others share the same quest. As you know, the demand for balisongs is high, but the meticulous process of designing, crafting, and selling high-quality balisongs is intensive and time-consuming. This complexity restricts the available supply in the market.

Furthermore, when you buy a butterfly knife, various factors like price, quality, and shipping time come into play. Consequently, acquiring a beautiful and flawless balisong becomes a challenging task.

For those unfamiliar with balisongs, we recommend exploring our other articles that delve into budget-friendly and cheap balisongs and best butterfly knife trainers if you're not yet comfortable with a live blade.

Rest assured, if you're struggling to find out how and where to buy balisongs, we're here to assist! In this guide, we'll outline how butterfly knives are sold and where they are listed, enabling you to start flipping as soon as possible.

Let's get to the point, where to buy a balisong.

Where to buy a balisong-Online

Where To Purchase A Balisong, Most Popular Online Stores

It has to be said that, considering factors such as storefront rent and employee expenses, butterfly knives sold in physical stores are generally slightly more expensive than those sold online.

Besides, the variety, quality, performance, brand, and price range of butterfly knives available in physical stores are limited, so the ideal butterfly knife products available for your selection are significantly restricted.

If you're an online shopping enthusiast, you're in the right place. This article will recommend several popular online stores where lots of balis are sold, aiming to help you find a good, cost-effective, and high-performance balisong.

Let’s start the journey of shopping for balisong.


Where to buy a balisong knife-BladeHQ

BladeHQ was officially launched in March 2003 and holds approximately 60% market share in the butterfly knife market. The price range of balisongs is $10.5 to $950, and their quality varies.

The brands of butterfly knives it offers include Benchmade, Spyderco, Microtech, Kershaw, Squidindustries, Boker, Nabalis, and so on. Warranty Information varies based on the brands, and detailed info. can be found on their official website.

Apart from the listed butterfly knife brands, Blade HQ sells many butterfly knives of other brands as well.

Where to buy a balisong-Knifecenter

KnifeCenter was established in 1995. The price range of balisongs is $16.99 to $2995, and it's safe to say that the expensive butterfly knives sold on this website are not cheap!

The brands of butterfly knives it offers include Benchmade, Bear, and Son Cutlery, BRS Bladerunners Systems, Kershaw, Squidindustries, Boker, and Microtech, among others.

Additionally, you can return any item purchased from KnifeCenter within 60 days, provided it is in its original packaging and condition, for a full refund of the purchase price or credit.

Apart from these two popular butterfly knife retailers, you can also purchase from websites such as KnifeCity, Amazon, Knifeworks, etc.

However, compared to the two major retailers mentioned above, these websites offer a much smaller selection of butterfly knives.

Self-Running Stores

Where to buy a balisong-Nabalis store

Where to buy—Nabalis: Our company is built on the vast and diverse land of China, and was founded in 2019. We have always been dedicated to producing uniquely designed butterfly knives.

Each one of our butterfly knives is proudly manufactured in China, following a professional, standardized, and transparent production process.

We place a special emphasis on the opinions of balisong enthusiasts. In our designs, we respect the input of every consumer, incorporating their valuable feedback into the final butterfly knives. Currently, our official store offers:

Vulp training butterfly knife ($64.99): The first jointly designed balisong with Will Hirsch, and it is also our best seller. Marble butterfly knife trainer, Hydra practice balisong knife(IMO, it's pretty cool. If you're in doubt, just browse our store.), Trident balisong butterfly knife, Lighting balisong trainer, Morse trainer balisong.

Furthermore, we offer maintenance tools, including spare balisong hardware, lubricating oil, and glue in every package, allowing you to flip and needn’t separately purchase a maintenance kit for the balisong knife.

It's worth mentioning that we permanently provide free shipping for any tools or balisong butterfly knives. You can get a top discount of discount: 5% off for two items and 10% off for three items.

Where to buy a butterfly knife- Squid Industries

Where to buy—Squid Industries was founded in 2016 with a focus on crafting high-performance balisongs (butterfly knives) tailored for flipping enthusiasts.

Proudly made in the USA, Squid Industries utilizes precision manufacturing methods such as CNC machining, fiber laser cutting, and double disc grinding for its balisongs and balisong trainers. These industry-leading products are designed by and for flippers.

Its current best-selling items include the Squiddy ($44.99), Squiddy-B ($54.99), Mako Bottle Opener V4.5 ($99.99), Krake Raken Trainer V3 ($219.99,), and Squidtrainer V4 ($174.9).

Where to buy a balisong knife- Machinewise

Where to buy—MachineWise is a small business established in 2021 and located in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in expertly crafted Balisongs. It is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products made with meticulous care at an affordable price.

At MachineWise, where they strive to deliver the best possible customer experience, all products are manufactured in the USA, granting total control over the production process.

Its commitment starts with the design of each product, aiming to create top-performing Balisongs. Throughout the manufacturing process, it refines processes to achieve machining excellence, and its assembly team ensures that each product performs at its best without compromise.

Furthermore, every product sold is backed by a lifetime warranty. And Prysma is available for $130, but Prysma Pro ($170), SlifT V2 ($365), and Serif ($400) are presently out of stock at present.

Besides, you can buy butterfly knives available at stores like BBarfly, Glidr, JK Design, and BRS where maybe you can buy a nice balisong butterfly knife. For further information about “butterfly knife brands”, this post might be a valuable reference.

Where to buy a balisong-social media

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit where balis enthusiasts host vibrant balisong communities. These communities serve as excellent sources for gathering information about both butterfly knives and trainers.

Moreover, they provide opportunities to connect with individuals interested in buying or selling these items. On these platforms, you can not only purchase new butterfly knives but also find pre-owned ones.

If your budget is limited and you still desire a luxurious option, considering buying a second-hand balisong might be a good choice.

Note: Prices are for reference only and will change due to different purchases in times and shops.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Balisong.

Where to buy a balisong- Stores icos


One of the most crucial factors influencing where you should search for a balisong is the level of quality you seek.

The quality of a butterfly knife significantly influences its safety, functionality, durability, lifespan, user satisfaction, and adherence to legal regulations.

Opting for a high-quality balisong guarantees a safer and more enjoyable experience, whether you're a collector, enthusiast, or someone who practices tricks and flips.


Like most commodities, we should also consider the price when purchasing a balisong. If you had to save up for a month's salary to buy a butterfly knife – that wouldn't bring you happiness and enjoyment.

Therefore, we need to choose a balisong that offers good value for money, allowing us to save while still enjoying our balisongs. While nurturing our interests, it's essential to balance our genuine financial capacity.

Of course, if you earn a high salary, just ignore what I said.


When buying a balisong, its performance is decided by high-quality sharp, and durable blades, balanced ergonomic handle design, smooth pivots for easy flipping, legal compliance, textured handles for grip, adjustable screws, safe training options, easy maintenance, and brand reputation.

Considering these features ensures reliability, functionality, and user satisfaction.

Where To Buy Your Balisong, Choose Your Mr. Right.

Generally speaking, there are numerous online channels for purchasing butterfly knives, offering a wide variety of products. You have a clear goal for your buying, ensuring the product arrives in pristine condition.

Typically, a return policy and warranty safeguard you against defects or dissatisfaction, and there might even be complimentary items included with your purchase.

You can choose your desired butterfly knife from these online stores, hoping you find the best one that suits you perfectly.

Well, hope this post will be helpful for the problem--"where to buy a butterfly knife".

Important note: Ensure you're abiding by all applicable laws when buying, selling, or trading knives, and comply with the terms of service on any third-party applications you use for these transactions.

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