How To Flip Butterfly Knives, Easy Tricks For Beginner

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Well, let's get started to learn more easy butterfly knife tricks, and there is:


Before flipping a butterfly knife, you need to:

When you start flipping butterfly knives, you need to own a butterfly knife. As a beginner, I recommend getting a training butterfly knife. Luckily, our store offers a variety of trainer butterfly knives, such as the best-selling Vulp, the top tuning fork trainer balisong-Trident, and the Hydra with a look of live blade balisong, which I must especially recommend.

As I mentioned before, the Hydra trainer balisong has the appearance of a real butterfly knife but without the danger of cutting. When practicing with the Hydra butterfly knife trainer, the false blade gives you the thrill without the risk of cutting your fingers, which is “kill two birds with one stone”.

In terms of craftsmanship, mirror polishing is employed on the Hydra's handles, retaining the metal's original texture and luster. On the other hand, the handle material is made of high-hardness 7075 aluminum, ensuring that the Hydra balisong trainer won't easily deform or damage. This material also has excellent corrosion resistance.

Most importantly, the Nabalis Hydra practice butterfly knife is incredibly lightweight, ensuring your hand won't quickly become uncomfortable during practice, effectively extending practice time and improving efficiency.

Nabalis Hydra balisong training knife offers two blade styles to choose from: the Japanese Tanto Hydra trainer and training butterfly knife with Bowie blade.

How to flip a butterfly knife? Now, let's learn 6 simple butterfly knife tricks with your butterfly knife trainer. Remember to practice a lot and practice makes perfect.

More basic and easy butterfly knife tricks to learn and help you master how to flip a butterfly knife

How to flip butterfly knives, step by step.

Icepick Air

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips on how to flip butterfly knives

An easy butterfly knife trick for beginners to learn. Safe handle close to your palm, pinch the safe handle at one-third of it with your thumb and index finger, the other 3 fingers hold the bite handle, then release it.

Throw the butterfly knife trainer up, then raise your hand to catch the 2 handles when it is rotating in the air and falling (lower than your shoulder).

I have to say this butterfly knife has a risk of cutting if you use a real butterfly knife to practice, so you need a training butterfly knife to learn it at the beginning. There are some recommendations:

Icepick Transfer

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips on how to flip butterfly knives

You could begin to do this cool and basic butterfly knife trick with your left or right hand.

Hold the butterfly knife in an open position and safe handle close to your palm, then release the bite handle and flip it back to your hand.

Move your index finger and pinch the safe handle at one-third of the end with your middle finger and thumb, meanwhile, flip it to your left hand(the palm outward and back faces to you ).

The left hand grasped the safe handle.

Next, palm down then palm up by twisting your wrist instead of flipping the handle back. What's more, the blade and bite handle are downward in this step.

Final step is to move your thumb and flip the bite handle back to your left hand. At this time, the butterfly knife is in an open position.

Or you could finish the last 2 steps by making a basic open with your left hand after your left hand grasped the safe handle.


Normal move


Slow move


Important tips on how to flip butterfly knives

Quite basic and easy butterfly knife tricks. Handle end upward and safe handle close to your palm. if you practice with a training balisong, please ignore this tip, there is no risk of hurting you.

Release the bite handle and flip it up, then pinch it with your little finger. Next, release the safe handle and flip back across your index finger. The final step is to close the butterfly knife.

Thumbs Up

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips on how to flip butterfly knives

Same as the most of the beginning, safe handle close to your palm, pinch the safe handle at one-third of it with your thumb and index finger.

Release and flip the bite handle back across your index finger. Flipping back it again and make a rotation around your thumb with the help of momentum.

Catch the safe handle again, turn the handle in another direction, and remove your thumb to pull back the bite handle in your palm.


Normal move


Slow move


Important tips on how to flip butterfly knives

Do a basic open by your right hand then flip the bite handle back to your hand. Seize the safe handle and flip the other to your left hand while the left palm is perpendicular to your front. (please refer to the slow move)

Left hand should turn the safe handle up (downward blade), continue to turn the handle with your left hand(blade toward you), and finally, turn the blade to point at the right. At the same time, you should push the safe handle to spin. (just like a fan)

End this butterfly knife trick in your way. (Closed or open position)

Basic Transfer Loop

Normal move


Slow move


Important tips on how to flip butterfly knives

Please distinguish this trick from the Icepick Transfer in some detail. You will find that it is similar to doing Tai Chi when you do it.

You could start this easy and cool butterfly with either your right or left hand. (also either safe handle or bite handle)

At first, you need to do a wrist pass, and your left palm facing the left to touch and push the bite handle down.

Flip the handle up to close to the upward left palm and push it down again when the left palm is upward.

Finally, left palm pushes forward, meanwhile, the right hand makes the balisong around the left hand, and the bite handle is caught by your purlicue (the gap between index finger and thumb), The safe handle is released and pushed to close the butterfly knife by the right hand.

You should pay more attention to the change of your wrist.

Please combine the tips with gifs to learn these tricks, if you have no clear idea about it, then you could visit Big Flips, I think it will help you a lot.

Some tricks of them are a little bit hard and similar, but if you understand the movement and practice it again and again, you will master it!

How to flip a balisong, just practice repeatedly.

The tutorials for the butterfly knife tricks mentioned above are just some insights I gained during my practice. I hope they are helpful to you. If there are any shortcomings, please kindly forgive me.

One thing is certain: as long as you keep practicing, you can do better and look cooler. I hope in the future you will be a butterfly knife tricks master!

Remember to continuously speed up the movements mentioned above, that way, these tricks will appear more fluent and cooler.

Thank you for reading this.

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