Silver Butterfly Knife Nabalis Marbles, Things You Should Know!

Silver Butterfly Knife Nabalis Marbles, Things You Should Know!

The Blade Bias delved into the world of Nabalis's fake butterfly knife, with a particular focus on the silver butterfly knife Marbles.

The Marbles knife has emerged as one of the Blade Bias's favorites, and there are several compelling reasons behind this preference:

Silver Butterfly Knife Adjustable Balance:

The silver butterfly knife Marbles knife offers a unique feature—the ability to customize its balance. The handle of the silver butterfly knife Marbles knife is designed with the newest ball magazine design, and the overall weight of the fake butterfly knife can be adjusted by matching different balls. The silver butterfly knife is equipped with four types of beads, namely 12 copper balls, 12 aluminum balls, 12 plastic fluorescent balls, and 6 rubber balls. You can fine-tune it to your liking, making it lighter or heavier as needed. This adaptability ensures a more personalized experience.

Silver Butterfly Knife Impressive Finish:

The handle surfaces of the Marbles knife, a silver butterfly knife, are Anodized. It boasts a refined polish and surface texture. Notably, the texturing offers an excellent grip without being overly sharp or uncomfortable.

Fake Butterfly Knife Training Blade:

The silver butterfly knife training blade has also won many people's favor, and the Fake Butterfly Knife Training Blade is a fake blade that offers a safe experience for practice without the risk of cutting your finger.


Total Length (Open Position): 250mm/9.84"

Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum

Handle Tail Block Material: G10 


Handle Finish: Anodized

Blade Material: 420 Heat Treated Stainless Steel

Blade Finish: Bead Blasted

Blade Edge: Dull

Pin Design: Zen Pins

Balance Profile: 33-41.2mm from pivot center/blade bias - strong handle bias

Packaging: Plastic box

While Blade Bias has a strong affinity for the silver butterfly knife Marbles knife, he also didn't shy away from mentioning some of its drawbacks:

Audible Noise:

One of the Blade Bias's concerns was the audible noise produced by the knife's components, particularly the clanking of the balls inside. For someone who values a quieter experience, this can be a minor nuisance.

Noise solution:

If you want a quiet experience environment, you can add a white rubber ball to the magazine, the volume of the rubber ball is larger than the other ball, and you can perfectly solve the gap of the magazine, so the white rubber ball can effectively remove the noise. 

Balancing Adjustments:

Adjusting the balance of the Marbles hybrid knife requires the use of a screwdriver, which the Blade Bias found slightly inconvenient. He preferred a tool-less adjustment system, like the one in the cycloid.

Fake Butterfly Knife Advantages:

The clips of Fake Butterfly Knife Marbles need a screwdriver, but in the long run, the silver butterfly knife Marbles will not be loosened due to wear and tear. Our silver butterfly knife Marbles are equipped with the tools you need to use them, so you don't have to worry about not having them. 

Now, let's take a look at the pricing aspect. The Marbles hybrid knife pleasantly surprised the Blade Bias in this regard. Among the adjustable balance fake butterfly Knives, the silver butterfly knife Marbles is the best value, priced at $75. 

The fake butterfly knife Marbles are available in silver as well as green and grey.

No matter what kind of balisong knife, it cannot satisfy everyone's preference for balance. If you want to buy a fake butterfly knife that suits your balance preference, you must buy a lot of balisong and keep trying. Finding a fake butterfly knife that fits your feel is a waste of time and money, but you can save a lot if you have an adjustable balance fake butterfly knife Marbles. The silver butterfly knife Marbles has received great praise for its innovative design and flip feel, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a different sense of balance.

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