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How We Came to Life.


Nabalis was established on November 6, 2019. Our founder, Aaron Well, is a skilled mechanical and automation engineer with 6 years of expertise in the field. Aeron's love for butterfly knives runs deep and it became more than just a hobby for him. After years of diving deep into the world of butterfly knives and building dedicated community of butterfly knife enthusiasts, he saw the struggles they faced, especially newbies, in finding high-quality knives without breaking the bank.

Aeron decided to make a change. He used his industry connections and expertise to cut costs without compromising on quality. From sourcing the materials to the final product, he made sure every step was on point. His goal was to make top-notch butterfly knives accessible to players of all levels, and that's when Nabalis was born.

Creations Define Us.

Innovative Manufacturing Techniques

At our core, we are pioneers in the field of balisong manufacturing. Bringing more people into this amazing hobby with ease and satisfaction is our top priority.

By introducing new and advanced manufacturing techniques, such as aluminum extrusion, four-axis machining, computer simulation and modeling, flat grinding, and precision calibration, we strive to be the pioneering brand that seamlessly integrates standard industrial production techniques into the world of balisong manufacturing.


Design and Cultural Advancements

At Nabalis, we are driven by our belief in pushing the boundaries of creativity. Our unwavering dedication is directed towards crafting captivating creations that not only excel in functionality but also deliver exceptional flipping experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Our visionary R&D team maintain an open mindset and constantly improve their skills to turn their ideas into real, tangible products, in regardless of the success that isn't just about skillful craftsmanship before a fortunate mix of luck and seizing opportunities. Nabalis protects every piece of talent and creation, and strives to provide an unparalleled cultural significance.


creat with nabalis

We believe in unity. As a forward thinking company, our vision and focus are always beyond mere commerce. We've observed a wealth of valuable design ideas from innovative balisong enthusiasts, unfortunately lacking an adequate platform to showcase that talent and creativity from going unnoticed.

Create With Nabalis contest was initiated by Nabalis. We seek to provide more individuals the opportunity to create their dream balisongs, and we're dedicated to making CWN the best resource for everyone to implement their innovative ideas into reality!

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“We want every Balisong enthusiast to embark on their Next Adventure in Balisongs! That's Nabalis.”

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